Today, Saturday, February 23, 2019

Six Simple ways to Protect Your Identity

With the Internet becoming a larger and larger part of our daily lives, our privacy is more at risk than ever before. Identity theft, unfortunately, is very common in the world today. Although the amount of identity theft has decreased somewhat in the past few years, there is still too much of it in the world and everyone is at risk of having their identity stolen. Many of us believe we are too smart to have that happen to us, but the reality is, do you really know if your identity is safe? Every time you sign up for or purchase something online, you are putting your personal information at some risk.

There are ways we can protect our identity, some of them very simple such as shredding item of paper with personal information on them. From time to time you still businesses that will print your entire credit card number on the credit cards slip or receipt as opposed to just the last four digits. Always double check your receipts to make sure your credit card number is not visible to the world. If it is, scratch it off so it can't be seen. Also, make sure the credit card machine is always put on your side of the counter where only you can see the PIN number for your debit card.

Other ways you can preserve and protect your identity is by never giving out personal and sensitive information. You may get emails that look official such as something that may be from your bank, PayPal or some other business you're familiar with but they're fraudulent and only trying to get your personal information so they can steal your identity and money.

Although none of us want to go through life being skeptical, we have to in order to protect our identity. Identity theft can cost an innocent person thousands of dollars and years of trying to explain that it was done by a criminal and not the innocent person. If for some reason you are asked for your personal information, find out why they need it as well as what will be done with it. If you don't get satisfactory answers don't give out the information.

The place where more identity is stolen is on the internet. Most places on the internet require passwords. Make sure your password is unique and never given out to anyone else. Make sure you use a good anti-virus and security software to protect your computer from hackers entering your computer and stealing your information. A good internet security program will not only block unauthorized access to your computer but will also inform you of the attempt to hack. Above all, don't ever give out your social security number to anyone and do not carry your social security card with you.

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